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Message from the President


As current President of the Caribbean African Multicultural Association of Canada, I would like to welcome you to our association. The Caribbean African Multicultural Association of Thunder Bay (CAMAT) was formed in 1987 by members of the Caribbean and African community in Thunder Bay who wanted to share their culture and heritage with other Canadians.


From a handful of men and women, college and university students with a common bond in Afro-Caribbean culture, CAMAT is a multicultural heritage. Today, CAMAT is an inclusive group, bringing together people of all races with ties to Africa & the Caribbean. The group works to facilitate the integration of people from mainstream so that everyone can contribute to the well-being of Canada and pride in their new home.


The CAMAT Board of Directors consists of members that are dedicated, passionate, and motivated to further build CAMAT as an association. The Board is driven to raise the profile of CAMAT to newcomers to Thunder Bay as well as the entire community. It is hoped that through increasing the events that CAMAT hosts that we can make more meaningful connections with individuals and families of African and Caribbean decent that have chosen to make Thunder Bay their home permanently or for the moment.


In addition to uniting the community and its members, the Board aims to educate and raise awareness regarding issues and challenges that are specific to Black people in hopes of building understanding in the bigger community of Thunder Bay.



For those who consider themselves visitors or for those who would like to potentially become members of CAMAT, we welcome any suggestions and recommendations to help strengthen our membership and promote our community growth. I would encourage you to look around, and to take advantage of what this organization has to offer. I invite you to get involved, reap the rewards, and be part of what makes the difference in today’s dynamic and competitive society.




Colleen Peters

CAMAT President - The Caribbean African Multicultural Association of Thunder Bay

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